Cloud Computing refers to the delivery of IT Infrastructure, applications and services to organizations and end users, on an on-demand basis – remotely, via the internet.

The benefits of Cloud computing are evident, yet many IT professionals are still a little uneasy about it. The move to the cloud is full of uncertainties, and the effort needed to gain sufficient knowledge for overcoming these can be daunting. ACT Data Solutions is a Cloud Broker and consults with companies to determine the most effective and efficient direction to take with Cloud Computing.

First, ACT will listen to your business objectives and understand your goals fully. Next, ACT will create a plan of action and a side by side comparison of vendors possessing a core competency matching your needs. Lastly, ACT will help you navigate the field using proven tools for ROI/TCO analysis and differentiating between vendors.

Cloud service brokers are becoming increasingly important as companies consume more cloud services.

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Common Concerns

  • How can I determine an ROI/TCO for my cloud project?
  • There are SO many Cloud companies out there... How do I differentiate?
  • Do these companies possess a core competency that fits my needs or are they outsourcing?
  • Is it better to go with an “all in one” provider or bundle providers that specialize?
  • What kind of reviews/performance do they possess?
  • Which Cloud companies possess technology that integrates with my environment?

ACT can answer these questions for you!  We listen to your business objectives, Locate reputable providers that best fit YOUR needs, and facilitate the entire selection process.  We represent hundreds of cloud providers globally and have the knowledge to narrow the field quickly.

Schedule a call with an unbiased Cloud Expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you leverage ACT’s market knowledge, time, and expertise to locate a cloud provider you get:
1. Expertise to locate the providers that specialize in your particular need (less time narrowing the field)
2. Market knowledge and benchmarked statistics to maximize your negotiating efforts
3. We have the tools to help you effectively determine ROI and TCO for moving to the Cloud
4. Leverage our effort, time, and resources to make the best, most informed and efficient decision
5. Maintain a higher level of customer service after the contract is signed leveraging the large volume of business we bring to providers.

ACT will act as a point of contact for you as long as you have a contract with any provider we connect you with. From a customer service perspective, we are able to leverage the large volume of business we perform to escalate any service ticket or inquiry question to the provider. However, if you prefer to contact the provider directly, you are welcome to do so. As an added bonus, we can be a point of contact not only for the Cloud provider, but for a managed services company, colocation, and connectivity provider as well.

There is absolutely no fee charged by ACT to the Customer. ACT represents close to 100 Cloud Providers and is excellent at matching your need with the provider best suited to fit. We help you create a prospect list and then narrow it down to the front runners based on strength of service, price, and several other factors. We will make recommendations for the company we think best suited. Regardless of who you choose in the end… ACT will receive the same commission from the company chosen by your team.

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