Data Center / Colocation

Data Center / Colocation

Choosing a DC, whether for a main facility or colocation is a big decision.  You have a lot to consider.  For most IT professionals this is a task performed or reviewed once every 2-3 years.  Considering how fast the IT industry changes, the amount of research and time needed to make an educated decision is almost unbearable.

Not to worry… ACT is here to help.  We do this everyday!  We represent thousands of data center locations across the globe and are intimately familiar with standard practices and suttle differences between DC’s.  We act as an unbiased advisor to help you choose the best fit for your Data Center / Colocation needs.

We bring expertise to the entire search process:

  • Focused discovery around your needs and requirements
  • Locating DC’s that fit your requirements perfectly
  • Contacting DC’s and Coordinating presentations
  • Scheduling facility tours
  • Facilitating RFP and negotiation process
  • Recommendations
  • Renegotiation of existing contracts

Whether acquiring new DC space or reviewing your current contract, ACT brings needed expertise.  Schedule a free consultation today… Click Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is… you can. The problem is… it can be exhausting, and we can help you make a better decision. We are in contact and looking at data centers every day. We have proven processes in place and the market knowledge to locate the best providers to fit your needs. We also possess benchmarked statistics we can leverage for deeper discounts when negotiating. Our service is no cost to our customers… why not let us do all the legwork, save you weeks of work, and bring expertise to the table?

ACT will act as a point of contact for you as long as you have a contract with any data center or colocation we connect you with. From a customer service perspective, we are able to leverage the large volume of business we perform to escalate any service ticket or inquiry question to the provider. However, if you prefer to contact the provider directly, you are welcome to do so. As an added bonus, we can be a point of contact not only for the data center, but for the connectivity provider you choose as well, giving you less to keep up with.

ACT works with your organization as a trusted advisor. We represent over 100 companies owning over 3000 facilities globally. Once we talk with you about your needs, we agnostically create a prospect list of Data Centers and begin the narrowing down process with you. ACT receives the same commission from whichever data center you choose to go with in the end. There is absolutely no fee paid by you the customer to ACT.